Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chicks With Inkpads Week #2

Well, since I was TOP 5 in last weeks challenge, I couldn't help but do it again!!!! Watch out because next week I am making a card for their samples!!!! I can't wait!

This weeks challenge was to use all different pink hues! I recognized the picture right away from the new Home Depot Wish Book! Hahahaha - they have some great stuff int here!

I decided to crack open my 'Happy Mother's Day' Mini Stamp set from MFT. It's a tad early to be making Mom's Day cards, but what the heck - I need two anyways! I started with 3 pieces of patterned paper from my scrap bin (L to R) pink with white stripes is from my Costco pack, the pink and white swirls is from a Dollarama pack and the last pink wallpaper (well that's what it looks like to me) is also from my Costco pack. I inked my stamps in Jet Black Ink and embossed them with Stamp-It's Hologram Embossing Powder. I double stamped the image and cut out the border as well as the Easter Lily and pot so I could pop them out. I used my Crayola's to color her in and added some pale pink jewels to the corner flowers for some jazz. On the left side I used a scrap of while lace ribbon and on the right is four layered flower with a jewelled brad as an anchor. On the inside I used the sentiment that came in my mini set that says "Have a Wonderful Mother's Day". I really love this stamp, but had a hard time getting it to stamp even. Probably operator issues! :P

Thanks for taking a look!


WHOOHOO - I'm in the Top 5!!!!!!

Ok, I know only 5 people entered, but hey, that's not the point. I was EXTREMELY excited when I logged onto the Chicks with Inkpads blog and found out I was in the top 5 for their first ever challenge last week! I even called my hubby at work! THEN I read the whole thing and realised only 5 people entered! Hahaha... but I won't let that rain on my parade, I'm still patting myself on the back! hahahaha. The best part is, they have asked us to make samples for the week 3 challenge! BONUS.

Thanks so much Cathy and Donna, you made my day! :)


Monday, March 30, 2009

Mojo Monday #80

Ok, I tried to do this sketch 3 times....and I didn't really like any of them. I thought I was getting better at putting patterned papers together, but for some reason I just couldn't do it today! Grrrr.... I decided to post one anyways, mostly because sometimes we just have to live with the fact that we aren't perfect! Ha! The silver lining is that I am now done my Easter cards though! YAY!

So, I of course did Mojo Monday because I am trying to make a pattern for myself! I started with Neutral card stock as the base and mounted the last piece of my polka dot paper from my Costco pack. I am slowly but surely getting that scrap bin down to nothing - I swear!!! I used Creative Memories orange and white mini dot paper for the bottom piece and mounted it on some blue card stock from my DCWV Jewelled Textured Stack. It tugged at my heart strings a bit because this was probably one of the first pieces of paper I ever got when I started scrapbooking. I got it from an ex's mother in Australia when I was travelling there. She suggested I get some paper and she gave me a really nice book to put my pages in. She told me to collect stuff like shells and admission stubs while I travelled around Oz and to make a scrapbook on my way. I did and although it is VERY amateur...it's still one of my favorites! :) Anyways...I then use a scrap of green patterned paper for the other background piece cutting one edge with my funky scissors to create a inverted ruffle effect. The carrot stamp I bought at Michael's and stamped it with Jet Black ink. I (of course) embossed it with Stamp-It's Hologram Embossing Powder and colored it in with my Crayola's. I added some yellow ribbon from my Discount Bin Zellers Rolls and three forest green jewels. The "sentiment" (which is a picture stamp to me!) is my Happy Easter basket done in forest green ink and embossed with the hologram powder again. For both the stamps I mounted them on the same blue from my Jeweled stack and I lightly dusted the edges with my Violet Ink Pad.

Hopefully my creative juices are working better for me tomorrow...today was a toughy!

Have a great night, thanks for coming,


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Chuggin' Along...

*** hey everyone! I just found out that Josianne over at Card Making Galore is giving away some fabulous blog candy! It's her one year Blogaversary and she has a bunch a stuff to give away! Check out her blog for more details....***

Good Morning!

This morning I sat down and organized the craft room a little. I need to get some more shelves and those handy dandy drawers for all my paper. Even my scrap bin is overflowing!!!! I also decided to make month by month lists of all the cards I need to make and when I need to send them by. My family is on the West Coast so I need to send their stuff a week in advance. Also, some of my closest friends live in Australia so sending down there takes time too - you gotta be organized!!!! After this card I only have one more birthday card to make for April and three Easter cards! YAY me!

For this card I started with basic grey cardstock to make the actual card and used bright yellow as my base color. I had a scrap of this baby blue and orange plaid paper so I used that for the background. (Like I said the bin is overflowing - must use it all!) After using a large circle punch and making the yellow border, I added that on top of the plaid background. For my image I used my Cakeabella stamp from Stamping Bella. I stamped her in jet black ink and embossed her with Stamp-It's Hologram Powder. I then colored her in with my Crayola's and mounted her on the same bright yellow cardstock. I added some of the dark blue feux snake skin paper at the bottom with orange polka dot ribbon from Michael's. I then layered an orange, two paper flower cutouts (one white one blue) and two yellow sequins with a jeweled brad for some pizazz! (That's a NIFTY word! LOL) Of course the last touch is some clear jewels which I just can't help but use EVERYWHERE! This one is for my other sister in law Laura, it is bright and sunny - just like her!
I think that's about it for today...check back, you never know, you may see more than one post today! :)

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

All That Scraps Challenge!

Good Evening!!!

I was searchin' for a new challenge to do and I stumbled across the blog All That Scaps! I hadn't been there before, but I really like their stuff! Their challenge was to do White on White and only have the image have color. This is harder that it sounds people!!!!! I first thought "what a great idea!!!" but then when I went to my papers I realized there really isn't many solid white papers out there. Some of the samples they have on the blog don't even have any paper, just the image stamped right onto the card, which is also very cute. It took me a long time to do this acrd...I think it was the most time consuming then any card before it! BUT, I love it!!!! It's one of my favorites. The pictures aren't that great (how do you guys do that?!? I have tried every setting...maybe it's my crap computer?!?) but you get the gist I guess!

Anyway...this is my take...
I started with Blingabella since she is one of the stamps I haven't inked yet. I don't know anyone engaged or getting married soon (other than me! heehee) but I am sure someone will! LOL I stamped her on plain white card stock and embossed her with Stamp-It's Hologram Embossing Powder. I used my trusty Crayola's to color her in and mounted her on an oval piece of paper that has very faint grey dotted lines vertically on it. All the paper I used in this card was scraps form my bin - YAY me for getting rid of leftovers! The main card is again just white catdstock with some handmade white and silver flacked polka dot paper on the top, and a piace of hand made lace paper that I got both at the Farmers Market one year. I added two lengths of ribbon accross with a bow right under my popped out image. I added three buttons (I am trying to use my botton jar so I can by some really cool one's I saw at Michael's!) and some pale pink jewels for sparkle. This was extremely hard for me to come up with, yet it looks so simple! hahahaha
Thanks for the challenge ladies! I'll be trying the next one too!
Tomorrows Friday! TGIF!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


...what a weekend.

My hubby hurt his back on Saturday morning doing the snow shoveling out front. He came in kinda walking funny and said he pulled something and needed to sit down. I rolled my eyes and thought 'typical guy'! Fast forward to Sunday and the poor guy can't move! He was using one of our kitchen stools to shuffle his way to and from the bathroom and back to the bed. So, I have spent the last couple days, sponge showering (I kinda like that part though heehee) making, feeding and cleaning up food, doing laundry, finding advil, getting this, that and everything and most importantly...changing his socks! LOL I hadn't even had a second to do anything until today. The kid is napping, so I shall play! ha! I really should be doing some job hunting...but whatever.

I decided to do two challenges in one. Everyday I check out my friend Dana's blog and today her post had a NEW challenge. It is from Chicks With Inkpads and I loved the color combo. I am a huge burnt orange, butter yellow fan and this was right up my alley! Plus, since it is their first ever challenge - I just had to do it! Then of course I love my Mojo Monday's so I used Sketch #79 for this card!

I started with primary yellow cardstock and mounted a patterned paper from a Costco pack that had orange, white and deep red-orange swirls, flowers and lines in it. I have used every inch of this patterned paper because I loved the colors and print so much. I wish I had more! For the deep orange color in the Chicks challenge I used another Costco paper that had small, faint sunshines on it! How perfect for my MFT stamp from the Hit The Beach Mini Set. After stamping her in Jet Black Ink and embossing her with Stamp-It's Holgram Powder, I colored her in with my Crayola's and then felt so bad because she is so pale! So, when I saw the sentiment that said 'tourist', I thought it made this card so funny! hahahaha For my embellishments I used orange polka dot ribbon from Michael's and three flowers layered from my assortment with a yellowey-orange jewelled brad to anchor it! On the inside I used the tropical drink stamp and made it a sticker with my Xyron. I love how this card turned out! I can't wait for someone to be heading on a hot holiday so I cna send it to them as their Bon Voyage!

Thanks for stopping by!



Friday, March 20, 2009

Trying something new...

Hello Ladies!

Last night I was playing around trying out some of the techniques that you all do so wonderfully. There is tonnes of stuff I have never seen, and so much for me to try out since I am fairly new at this. I started scrapbooking with construction paper and sissors and cutting out my own shapes and letters! ha! Oh how far we have come!

I inked up one of my Bella's I hadn't used yet becuase I am trying to get a head start on my April cards! This one is for my Aunt who's birthday is the day after mine! I love sending her a card because she always calls to thank me and she always says how much it means to her.

I started with my Cakeabella stamped in Jet Black ink on white cardstock. I used Stamp-It's Hologram Embossing Powder and colored her in with my Crayola's. I stamped her apron onto some patterned paper, cut it out, then used my Xyron to make the tiny pieces stickers to add to the original stamp. I also double stamped the cake and popped it out with a pop dot like Dana from Dana's House of Cards does! She cuts the tiniest pieces out and pops them out - it's crazy, but I love the effect! After mounting my Bella on burgundy cardstock from DCWV's Neutrals Stack, I cut out my background patterned piece of silver and yellow from some old Dollarama paper and mounted that on the same. I used a scrap piece of the patterned green on the side and added the "Happy Birthday to You" Banner up the left side. The flower is just a mish mash of flowers I had in my cupboard but the green and polka dot ones are from Prima in their Trini Bright Collection. After adding a light green jeweled brad and some matching rhinestones from KaiserScrapbook, this card is complete-o!!!!
Thanks for taking a look,
Have a great day!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Color Throwdown Challenge #34

Hello All!
Okay, I know I lied in my last post. I said I had more challenges to post, but then I never got around to doing it! Sorry! I was on a roll with my Spring Cleaning and I didn't dare stop!

This card I did for the Color Throwdown Challenge #34. I love doing their color challenges because I am not that great with picking papers and it makes me think hard. Plus I have found that I always use their combos again and again!

This is the last of my "Happy Spring" cards I needed to make. It turned out a little darker than I wanted, but such is life sometimes. I started with Pink Blush Card Stock from Paper Refelections, and used some navy and green swirled paper from one of my Costco packs as my patterned piece. The bottom is the same pink with Olive green paper I got at Scrapbooker's Paradise as a leftover from a class. The stamp is my super cute kitten (SSC037) named Fluffles from Stampendous that I stamped in Jet Black Ink and embossed with Stamp-It's Hologram Embossing Powder. I added the flowers in his hand to make him Spring-y and added some pink jewels to make it all sparkle! All the endges are lightly swiped with DewDrop's Olive Ink and I used my trustey Crayola's for all other color! I used some pot dots to make the frilly mounted kitten stamp pop out and added two navy brads to the Spring saying for umph. I wrote out the SPRING myself because I have run out of sentiments and don't seem to have a Spring stamp! Ooops...too late, will have to get one for next year! heehee

Thanks for taking a look,



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Startin' The Day off Right....

Good Morning! Day two of being a stay at home Mom with no kids....kinda weird.
I made this card as one of my Happy Spring cards I'll send to my family back home. I started with turquoise paper from my DCWV Asian pack. They have some great pieces with watercolor type markings that I just love. I then used a piece of striped pale pink patterned paper for the background and that I had from one of my Costco packs. I used my Gardenabella Stamp again because she is so spring-yand I love my Bella's! After embossing her with Stamp-it's Hologram Powder, I colored her in with my lovely Crayola's. This time after rounding the corners I went around the edges with my DuDrop Jumbo Java Ink pad to make it look older. I then used some scraps of brown faux marble paper I had to border my Bella and also the bow banner at the bottom. I used the same Asian paper and took some sissors to the edges before I added two bronze brads and the white ribbon. The buttons are out of the button jar and for some reason I have an abundance of these wood one's - but they are so unique, I love them!

I will be posting again later since I now have some time on my hands, and I have done a couple more challenges! My goal is to get some blog candy! Ok, I'll admit, I don't really know what that is, but everyone is talking about it. I think it is when someone gives you a blinkie or something to post saying you have a nice blog. But feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! ha!

Thanks all...

Bless Up! (That's my new Jamaican sign off!)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Mojo Monday - Week #78

Third Mojo Monday Challenge I am trying here and I have a question. Does it matter if my sketch is not EXACTLY like the sketchthey give us? My only differance is bow placement and I don't think it's THAT big of a deal. If anyone feels like answering - feel free!

I'm home today dispite the fact that I was supposed to work. Unfortunitly the economic downfall has finally reached a time when it has effected me. (I've been waiting for it) I was laid off, (or canned if we really wanna get down to it) from my job first thing this morning. So, now I sit here wondering what to do now. {sigh}

I just received my new stamps from
Stampendous today! I forgot how cute the stuff I ordered was! The first stamp I inked up is from the Changito In Space Clear Set. After coloring him with my favorite Crayola's, I cut him out and mounted him by making him a sticker with my handy dandy Xyron I just got yesterday! He is on a piece of green velium from Dollarama (I can hear you all cursing me...but they have cute stuff sometimes!!!). The three papers I chose for the bakground are (from the top) Paper Reflections in Lime, Core Color Coredinations, and a small scrap from an Christmas Acrylic Album class I took near Christmas at Scrapbookers Paradise. I stamped the words "Bottom's Up!" from Stamping Bella in the top right using Craft Smart Ink Pad in Pine and embossed it with Whispers in Silver Tinsel. The bright green ribbon is from my thrifty Zellers barin pack and the Rhindstones are from Kaiser Scrapbook.

I really like how fun and bright this one is...I needed it today! Can't wait to use the rest of my stamps from my order now! heehee

Thanks for taking a look, have a great day,


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Early Bee Get's the....?!?

Good Morning Everyone! It is a crisp 6:30 am in my house and I have been awake for 2 hours! I must be on Jamaica time or something...

Originally I thought I wouldn't attempt any challenges this week because work will be crazy, I have lots of things to do for the girls in my Brownie's Group on Wednesday, and I have other cards I just need to get made! But I was looking around the other blogs last night and couldn't help but jot down a few - just in case....WELL, since I was up so early this morning and the last thing I feel like doing is laundry, why not scrap! YAY!!!!


This one is for Amy R's Friday Sketch Challenge! I haven't done one for her yet, so here it goes! I got my first Favorite Things stamp while I was away and I just love it! I used the How Sweet It Is stamp and it is perfect for my Sister-in-law's b-day coming up. She is a fabulous stamper and it's always so nerve racking to send her a card...but I LOVE getting her's! FABULOUS ideas.

Anyway...I colored my girl in with my Crayola's and mounted her off center in the boardering circle of purple cardstock from my DCWV Jewel Textrured Stack. I then ripped a strip of some of my Coredinations Core Color paper that my lovely man bought me IN A SCRAPBOOKING STORE (yes he went in and asked for help - my gosh it's a new day!!!!) and I love it so much that I use it VERY spareingly. The background purple flower is from my DCWV All Occasion Glitter Stack and the green border is from the same stack as the purple circle mount. I used the sentiment that came with my stamp that says Sisters and Chocolate...make life bearable. I think that is just perfect! My flowers are made from scraps and a punch and I added the jewels in the center for some sparkle.


This one is for Taylor's Sketch Challenge from Taylored Expressions. I love this website, she is so talented! I used the same stamp as yesterdays post I know, but I have a limited supply and I am still working on buying and filling my stamp box. I colored her different to mix it up a little, and I picked this Bella to be blonde! I also embossed her with Stamp-It's Hologram Sparkle Embossing Powder. The blue border is from my DCWV's Neutrals stack and the polka dot is from one of my Costco packs. The smaller circle is punched out of paper from my All Occasion Glitter Stack and the flowers are done the same as the card above. I used some of that ribbon I was talking about in my last post from Zellers (what a steal!) and added some jewels to make it more interesting. This one is fairly simple...but just as effective.

That's today done! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Bless Up!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Everytin's Irie Mon'....

Well ladies (and gents aharhar)... I'm back from my week of beaches, sand, sun and fun! I want to thank you all who gave me comments, it made my week when I snuck to the internet cafe and checked my blog mid-week!!!!

Seven days of nothing to do but suntan, lay by the beach and drink pina colada after pina colada gives you a truck load of inspirtaion! I am so relaxed and back ready to post some of my best cards yet...well, they have to get better right?!? LOL

After getting home, it took every bone in my body to keep me from my crafting room and all the new Bella stamps I got right before I left. I casully opened the mail and called my parents so that the husband unit wouldn't get too suspicious! The truth is, I hadn't stopped thinking about stamping since we left! :D

I made this card because we were lucky enough to see our friend Alecia again when we were away! She is quite possibly the sweetest girl in the world. So humble and kind. She has so little, yet her heart is so big! I love her!!! Anyway, I wanted to send her a thank you type letter because she is always so good to us. She absolutley LOVED her birthday card I made before I left! She even said she wanted to see many more cards. So, I want to mail her some pictures of
us, so I thought I would send them along in this card!

Of course I used one of my new
Bella's, and I colored her in with my usual Crayola's. I also embossed her with Stamp-It's Irredescent Empossing Powder. I mounted her on pale pink from my DCWV Neutrals Stack. The blue polka dot paper is from my "large scraps bin" and the white, pink and green floral is from some paper my mom bought me many many moons ago. The pink shimmery flower with the jewel center came from Dollarama and my 'thinking of you' sentiment is a Studio G clear stamp from Michael's. The ribbon on the left hand side is from (believe it or not) a roll of ribbon I found in a discount bin at Zellers a couple weekends ago. Weird, I know.

Tomorrow I will get the pictures of me and Alicia printed and my card will be off to Jamaica on Monday Mon'!

Me & Alecia on our balcony at the Gran Bahia in Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Thanks for stopping by,
Missed this place :)

Bless Up!!!!