Monday, March 16, 2009

Mojo Monday - Week #78

Third Mojo Monday Challenge I am trying here and I have a question. Does it matter if my sketch is not EXACTLY like the sketchthey give us? My only differance is bow placement and I don't think it's THAT big of a deal. If anyone feels like answering - feel free!

I'm home today dispite the fact that I was supposed to work. Unfortunitly the economic downfall has finally reached a time when it has effected me. (I've been waiting for it) I was laid off, (or canned if we really wanna get down to it) from my job first thing this morning. So, now I sit here wondering what to do now. {sigh}

I just received my new stamps from
Stampendous today! I forgot how cute the stuff I ordered was! The first stamp I inked up is from the Changito In Space Clear Set. After coloring him with my favorite Crayola's, I cut him out and mounted him by making him a sticker with my handy dandy Xyron I just got yesterday! He is on a piece of green velium from Dollarama (I can hear you all cursing me...but they have cute stuff sometimes!!!). The three papers I chose for the bakground are (from the top) Paper Reflections in Lime, Core Color Coredinations, and a small scrap from an Christmas Acrylic Album class I took near Christmas at Scrapbookers Paradise. I stamped the words "Bottom's Up!" from Stamping Bella in the top right using Craft Smart Ink Pad in Pine and embossed it with Whispers in Silver Tinsel. The bright green ribbon is from my thrifty Zellers barin pack and the Rhindstones are from Kaiser Scrapbook.

I really like how fun and bright this one is...I needed it today! Can't wait to use the rest of my stamps from my order now! heehee

Thanks for taking a look, have a great day,



  1. A very cute card!! My daughter would love your blog . . . her room is painted this very shade of green! lol!
    NO - you can use the sketch as your inspiration board to your own unique creation. I can definitely see the sketch in your card. I will often turn sketches on their side or even upside down!! I your card . . . so do it your way!
    Happy days to you!

  2. Hi Shelley,
    Love your blog! Sorry to hear about your job, but on the bright side, you'll get to spend more time crafting! Good luck with whatever you plan to do!

  3. Love the rocket on the vellum! Too stinking cute. Great job with the sketch.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.